Everything You Need To Know Related To Piezo Sensor

Everything You Need To Know Related To Piezo Sensor

Piezoelectric sensors are the devices that are used to detect physical quantities from the environment. The inputs that can be detected are- heat, motion, pressure, moisture, vibration and many others. And after that, the output that is generated is usually in the form of an electrical signal.

Through this sensor, measuring the physical quantities becomes easy. You can measure the pressure and acceleration and measure if there is any change.

Through this, you will be able to measure the limits; the best way is reliable and is kept under the characteristics in the certain limits. There are many other specifications that you can get from the piezo sensor that is quite amazing.


  • The piezoelectric sensor has the 100 threshold value that sets to the circuit; it is done so that the sensor will not get activated when the vibration is less than the threshold. And through this, you will be able to eliminate the small unwanted vibration.
  • If the output voltage is more than the threshold values, then LED will change its state, and if it is HIGH, it will go to the LOW state.


  • There are several uses of the piezoelectric sensors that can be used for the shock detection, flow sensor and even the thickness gauge.
  • Piezoelectric sensors can be used in the devices such as optic measurements, electro acoustics, accelerometer, musical pickups and even microphones.